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    According to the customer's product appearance and function requirements, combined with manufacturing process requirements and test standards, our company optimizes and coordinates the composite relationship of the product in appearance, function, cost, etc., to make the product more mass-producible.


    Assist customers to verify whether the physical effect is consistent with the design effect.

    The prototype is the first step to verify the feasibility of the product. Without opening the mold, the prototype is first made according to the 3D stereoscopic drawing of the product, which is used to find out the defects and deficiencies of the product, check the appearance or structure of the product, and greatly improve the quality of the product. Product development and production safety and reliability.


    According to product requirements and in response to future market uncertainties, 3D printing resin mold technology and micro-injection mold technology can be selected to realize low-cost development of molds, verify market scale and product functions, and provide a strong guarantee for large-scale mass production of projects !