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Injection molding

100K Grade Clean Workshop

Focus on quality, molding boutique

We use T0 mass production system engineering, under the support of high precision 3D model flow simulation analysis and intelligent manufacturing (AIoM) technology, to achieve high quality and efficient injection molding production.

Injection Molding Workshop

Visual Management System

  • Reduce mold preparation time

  • Improve OEE

  • Prolong mold life

  • Improve the qualified rate of products

  • 60-600T injection molding machine

  • Central feed system & waste gas treatment equipment

  • Process: injection molding, pad printing, assembly

Injection molding

Medical Products

  • Products cover medical devices, consumables, laboratories...

  • Using mold flow simulation software, the multi-hole filling balance can be achieved to ensure product quality and high yield, to reach high standards of precision and zero defects.

  • 100k grade clean workshop, 10k grade laboratory

  • International system certification ISO 13485

3C Products

  • Products contain intelligent, consumer electronics

  • Using molding simulation software, early detection of product defects, such as short shot, suture line, encapsulation, dent, etc., can provide solutions to reduce product variation and optimize the production process

Auto Products

  • Products include automotive interior and exterior decoration

  • Use of molding simulation software to assist designers to simulate and verify complex products and molds to avoid potential problems in the early opening period

  • Rich experience in auto over molding, 2K mold

  • International system certification IATF16949

Industrial Products

  • Products contain a wide range of industrial

  • Using molding simulation software can shorten product design time and save manufacturing cost. Product designers or developers can identify potential defects early in product design

Highlighter Traceless Injection Molding

  • Highlighter traceless injection molding is also known as RHCM technology

  • Molding process with variable die temperature

  • Widely used in automotive, medical, electronics, communications and other industries, surface bright surface, thin and light requirements

  • It can effectively eliminate the surface defects of plastic products, such as fusion line, orange peel, gas lines, etc

  • Reduce the internal stress of the product and solve the warping question

  • Shorten product molding cycle, reduce production costs, improve market competitiveness