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Smart design ability

We use the intelligent parameter mold design system (CAD) to effectively control the function, appearance, structure and cost of the product from the design stage.

  • DFM-CAE integration: Assist in the production of DFA/DFM through CAE mold flow analysis, determine the best glue feeding method, control molding risks, and formulate predictions and countermeasures in advance;

  • CAD/CAE integration: Incorporate the mold flow analysis into the design software, directly perform CAE analysis in the environment of full 3D mold design, and adjust the design scheme on time;

  • CAD-ERP/MES interconnection: After the mold is designed in a full 3D environment, the bill of materials (BOM) is automatically connected with the mold manufacturing management software, and the process management tasks such as material preparation and production scheduling are performed simultaneously.