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Manufacturer workshop

Mold machining workshop

Advanced precision machining equipment: CNC machining centers, deep hole drilling machines, EDM machines, WEDM machines, etc., can meet the high-efficiency and high-precision requirements,It provides a strong guarantee for the processing and manufacturing of medium and small precision injection molds.



Mold Assembly Workshop

The company's technical team is composed of high-quality technical engineers and technical experts with many years of experience. The core personnel have more than 10 years of experience in the industry, and the expert-level personnel have more than 30 years of experience in the industry.


Injection workshop

1.Advanced precision injection molding equipment

2.Perfect automation supporting facilities


100,000-level clean workshop

100,000-level clean workshop

Laboratories and inspection room

Joint Materials Data Laboratory

1.Material measurement laboratory is a very important department in the process of material modification research and development, product design requirements, granulation production quality, mold design and development, and part molding production.

2.Through material testing and software services, we help customers establish high-quality material and equipment data, which can be accurately used in product development, simulation analysis and manufacturing process verification.

Inspection room for molds and injection molding

1.High-end precision testing instruments

2.Realize the measurement of space coordinates

3.It has special advantages in reverse engineering technology and surface detection

4.Ability to insepection molding parts/mold


10,000-level biological laboratory

1.Can detect the initial contamination bacteria on the surface of the product

2.Detectable product particles




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