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Molding simulation abilita

We apply molding simulation (CAE) analysis technology to carry out design verification before mold development, and combine rapid mold (MUD) technology to achieve rapid small batch verification.

  • Has a database of more than 8,000 plastic materials

  • Mold design is leading-in into molding simulaition analysis to predict molding difficulties and defects, and design optimization analysis is carried out until the best solution is obtained..

  • The computer conducts virtual trial molds to test different products, gates, runners, waterways, etc., as well as the setting of plastic and molding conditions...

  • Reduce the risk in product development, optimize the product structure, shorten the product development cycle, and succeed in T0...

  • The injection molding data management platform records the design and mold trial to complete the development process, integrates all data into a big database, and visualizes the data (mold size, on-site mold trial parameters, DFM report, part quality inspection, mold trial report, CAE mold Analysis Results...)