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Collaborate with customers on product & component development
    Material selection
    Process requirements
    Experimental engineering
    3D printing
    Part performance verification
injection moldinginjection molding
Molding engineering services & mold development
    Provide mold flow simulation analysis reports and solutions
    Predict and solve problems in mold design and molding in advance
    Shorten the mold development cycle and improve the success rate of T-zero mass production
injection moldinginjection molding
High-quality injection molding production
    Combining material, mold and machine data
    Provide scientific molding parameter data
    Perform high-quality injection molding production
injection molding
Technology integration service     
    Polymer material technology
    Mold technology
    Injection molding technology
Supply chain trading business (China)
Provide customers with molds, injection molding, polymer materials and related:
    Purchase of peripheral equipment and accessories
    Design, development, production and purchase of automation equipment and assembly lines
    Precision machined parts
    New plastic material selection, modification technical services & procurement
    Special process supplier development & quality control