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Mold manufacturer

Mold manufacturer

One-Stop Injection Mold & Precision T-0 Mass production injection molding services, On the basis of:

World-class processing & inspection equipment, 30+ years experience expert team,

100k grade clean room, ISO 9001, ISO 13485, IATF 16949 Certificate & Management system.

High precision, Good quality, Guarantee long working life.

1. Analyze the product molding process, mold structure and manufacturing process. Ensure that the life of the mold is more than 1 million times.

2. Must design a complete mold structure and processing parts, and put forward assembly requirements and injection molding process requirements.

3. Cause plastic parts appearance quality defects (such as shrinkage, etc.) or mold structure problems (such as parting surface setting, gate setting, mold life cannot be guaranteed, etc.).


4. Automobile mold appearance: The mold appearance must be free of rust, bumps, and lack of defects in modules.

5. Mold transportation: mold transportation must be equipped with a clamping piece, the packaging is firm and rust-proof.

6. Mold information: When the mold is delivered, a complete set of mold wearing parts and maintenance reference materials must be provided.